We understand that your journey is a little different. As experience in any industry acrues, the person changes shape and grows more faceted. More complex. MercSec understand that the occurance of the correseponsing ‘holes’ for that shape fewer, and a specific fit harder to come by. We want to talk and to understand the individual requirements and expectations you may have as a CISO, Risk Officer, Sales Director, or indeed industry leader of any type.



It’s of vital importance that your technical skill-set is utilized and that your position contains both the kind of work and learning & development opportunities you need to push your career to the next level. Without the right environment and demands on your technical skills, things wilt and begin to atrophy. MercSec understand the types of challenges you need and what you should be doing to move from where you are to where you wish to be. We can help your career move forward.



Too many organisations treat their commercial staff with a quiet contempt. Sure, you might be required for the organisation to succeed, but you are a necessary evil. Illusory, shifting targets, or unrealistic demands are part and parcel of the modern ICT sales world. But they don’t have to be. We only work with organisations with demonstrable targets for Sales & Marketing. When we take a briefing, the key question we ask is “Is this person going to hit their number?” This tell us everything.



Most of our people have been consultants, self-employed, or started some commercial venture without external leadership. We know what the challenges are – being pulled away from what you are supposed to be doing to try and drive new business and beg for work as soon as current projects start to come to a close. Without becoming an expert marketer (and even then) it’s always going to be hard work just getting work. MercSec brokers agreements and drives new business for infosec consultants.


Need a Sounding Board?

If you are considering making a move at some stage, take two minutes and register with us, and we can let you know about new opportunities and how to navigate there.



Just about everyone has a career, and perhaps it’s been successful. The question becomes whether they were successful because of something they’ve done, or despite it. There may not be a singular ‘best’ way of steering one’s own career, but there are definitely optimal ways a person might go about it, and common pitfalls easily avoided. We’ve seen literally tens-of-thousands of careers up close, and can provide insights to most people in infosec if they are in a rut, or unsure of their next turn. It’s much better than learning the hard way.

Get your house in order. If you have watched your resume organicaly grow with just adding roles since your first job without re-visiting it, you’re missing out. People just like you have their act together with personal branding. They may not be as capable as you are, but a hiring manager will never know that if your resume is substandard. They won’t care. If you need a hand, Waterstone (our sister company) can definately help. There are plenty of organiations out there that offer similar services – so regardless of who you use – just get it done.

Understand the process. We can certainly help you wrap your head around how the flow of recruitment goes. While you likely have a good handle on it already, but you may still have things to learn. During the MercSec process, we stay engaged. Not because you can’t handle yourself, but rather we have done it all so many times we have a meta view. Each step of the process you will be supported and prepared, and your consultant will be available whenever you need them. 3:00am is likely pushing the friendship, but it has happened before.

We Actually Care

We don’t go around writing eBooks and our blog stuff to brag about our industry writing down at the pub. We do it for two reasons; it brings people here that we can work with, and it helps people out.

We feel pretty good about both of these things. If there’s anything we can help you with, or if you have an idea for us – give us a yell.

The MercSec Difference

All we want to do is work with good people and make a decent living doing it. We’ve found out that the secret sauce is to try and help people in their careers, be totally transparent, and communicate regularly.

Right there we think that puts us ahead of most firms. However, we can also back it up with reasonable infosec chops too.

Decent People Work Here

You’ll be dealing with good people. We have a plaque in our office. It doesn’t say ‘Hang In There Kid’ or ‘Teamwork!YAY!’. It says ‘Don’t Work With Tossers.’ We live and breath this mantra.

Occasionally someone slips through the gaps like our Group CEO, but usually we’re pretty good at making sure we’re all on the same page. [EDIT: We need to talk, Tim.]