If you have a really good handle on the technical elements around infosec – whether that’s on the ethical hacking side, or management consulting around the GRC spectrum, we might be able to work together. We have some pretty good relationships out there in the corporate world and broker engagements once we’re satisfied that the level of delivery adheres to what we traditionally offer to our clients. We can only work with a handful of people at any time due to overlap, but we’re certainly happy to explore things and see if it might work.

If you’re sick of constantly trying to drum up new business rather than doing the technical stuff you love, MercSec might be able to help. To get started we need some details from you, or we can have an informal conversation to kick things off and we can see how things fare.

If you wish to focus on the technical and leave the securing of new business to others, by all means book a time to speak with us and we can see if we might be able to bring you the work you love, rather than hunting new clients day in, day out.



  • Penetration Testers
  • Security Auditors
  • Security Strategists
  • Web Application Testing
  • SCADA Specialists
  • PCI Specialists


If you’re a gun for hire, you live in an unusual world. Typically bouncing from project to project, company to company, there’s not really much in the way of guides on to how to best manage your career, your finances, your self. MercSec consultants have worked with many people in your position, and there are optimal ways to conduct things. We hope these resources help.