MercSec provide security people to our clients. We know sometimes though that a long-term engagement isn’t what’s required, rather just a push in the right direction. We’ve worked with a lot of smart people in recruitment over the years, so this was a natural evolution.

Our leadership team and senior consultants have exceptional experience on the technical front-lines. From data-centre to cloud to the boardroom; MercSec can implement, advise and create the roadmaps that will improve your security position without spending your way out.

MercSec’s consultants can help with architecture, vendor selection and management, and implementation & hand-over. Whatever your current position, we have security consultants that can improve your security posture quickly and according to best practice before the bad guys take advantage.

We divide our offerings into two discrete areas; Advisory & Architecture, and Security Awareness Training. To explore further, the relevant sections below can provide more information. If, however,  you’d like to discuss your options with a human; book a time with one of our Principal Consultants.



Our security consultants are able to assist with developing a roadmap to improve your security posture. Typically we work with your management and technical staff to understand current security stance, processes & practices, look at where the gaps and issues exist, and offer remedial steps.

If you’re starting from a stand-still, MercSec can help you put together your plan of attack and help with short-term or long-term staffing solutions to implement and steer the changes that need to take place.

  • Architectural Review
  • Change Management For Security
  • Gap Analysis
  • Vendor Selection & Management
  • DevOps


From the Helpdesk to the Boardroom it’s pretty common knowledge that information security is a rapidly growing concern. Many organisations spend tens or even hundreds of thousands on boxes with flashing lights and enterprise software and neglect the weakest link in their organisation; people. Off the back of our expertise, we’ve developed a comprehensive learning solution to improve your company’s security posture.

The rise and rise of Phishing attacks, directed social engineering, and targetted whaling attacks demonstrates that the general population have very little appreciation for security practices.

The MercSec Security Awareness Training platform is a modularised online learning platform designed to address the concerns of modern enterprise. From all-staff training and on boarding, to specialised training for technical staff, and units designed to address specific software platforms or processes inside your organisation.



How long could you stay in business without your ICT infrastructure? Do you have processes and procedures in place to ensure you’re protected? Are your people on the cutting-edge, and spend their time researching information security? Likely, they aren’t specialists – they are your IT staff that are already stretched too thin. Working with us can get you the best protection and save your capex from imploding.

We have numerous consultants within our organisation capable of helping your organisation navigate the maze of modern ICT security, get a fix on your current security posture, and help draw a roadmap to help you mature your position towards the optimal.

We have partnered with leading global providers of information security services that can help you operate your business safely in an increasingly hostile world. Whether deciding on vendor equipment selection or full-time a Managed Security Service, MercSec can help ensure you don’t make any expensive mistakes – financially or operationally. We have the industry contacts and experience to help.