We understand how difficult it is for organisations to find, engage, and secure the talent they need to thrive. You need the right people working for your company to perform or it costs time, money, and aspirin.

MercSec only deals with the top 15% of candidates for your organisation, selected through our machine learning & automated tools.

MercSec brings experience and maturity to the Retained Search and Recruitment functions for the information security market globally. Whether technical, commercial or executive leadership positions we can handle it. We work with Tier-1 vendors, consultancies and service providers, as well as pivotal internal security positions for enterprise organisations.


We work with infosec professionals over the course of their careers, and can offer insight and advice at each junction. By working with MercSec, we can help you plan and move forward in your career, and let you know as soon as your right next step appears.

Imagine no longer having to explain what you do or how you do it. MercSec are exclusively an Infosec Search & Recruitment organisation. Because we’re specialists, leading organisations tend to work with us as preference across infosec. That means (especially for retained search) that we’re the only organisation tackling the assignment, and will do so in a methodical and thorough way. If you are the best candidate that we see for a position, you will be in front of our client.


Understand how your business can hire more intelligently.



The intersection of where IT and Risk Management meet is how we define our patch. We work with organisations across the globe on everything from Executive Search assignments to finding and engaging promising cadets & graduates.

We excel in the technical talent areas, and we know that for there to be work for the boffins to do, Sales & Marketing people are needed too. Whether we’re talking Pentester or Sales Director, we’re on top of it.

MercSec aren’t a multi-disciplinary Search firm. We are an Information Security Search Firm.


CameronGroup Director | Principal

As Group Director, Cameron oversees the operation of the Mercuras Group of organisations, including MercSec.
As his history and heart lie in information security, he tends to spend most of his ‘coalface time’ with us, working on the more arduous positions.
If you need to get him to do something, he likes coffee. A lot.

AnthonyTechnical Services Director

Ant is Technical Director within the group. As a Principal Consultant for MercSec Security Services as well as having total oversight and responsibility for that business unit, he certainly has his hands full.
Ant’s no-nonsense attitude and technical experience mean he gets results that clients want.

PeterResourcing El Capitan

Peter has forgotten more about Boolean than just about anyone could know. Able to uncover some of the most elusive talent – and our industry is full of people wanting to remain anon – Peter can deliver to just about any assignment. The long-listing process is where the search starts, and Peter ensures the candidate pool is deep.

SarahOps Manager

Sarah is the glue that binds the whole process together. With one foot on the resourcing side, she is able to bring the right candidates from the long-list across to initial interview stage. By understanding critical drivers and the determining metrics, Sarah is able to whittle down the field to a handful. The right handful.


By fully leveraging the machine learning and automation tools developed in-house, MercSec has the reach and scale to engage the majority of infosec talent across the globe. With this wealth of available talent, we can start to engage the ideal talent pool for any assignment.

Our processes and methodologies are built on the highly successful behavioural and technical foundations developed by The Mercuras Group. This ensures that every executive search assignment delivers the best possible results for each of our clients.

For candidates, we have built our enviable reputation by offering real value to our network in terms of career development, and critical industry intelligence. No glazed expressions of feigned comprehension – just advice and opportunities specific to you and your aspirations.