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We understand that your journey is a little different. As experience in any industry acrues, the person changes shape and grows more faceted. More complex.

MercSec understand that the occurance of the correseponsing ‘holes’ for that shape fewer, and a specific fit harder to come by. We want to talk and to understand the individual requirements and expectations you may have as a CISO, Risk Officer, Sales Director, or indeed industry leader of any type.


Sales & Marketing

Interns & Graduates


Need a sounding board?

If you are considering making a move at some stage, take two minutes and register with us, and we can let you know about new opportunities and how to navigate there.


The MercSec Way

We can certainly help you wrap your head around how the flow of recruitment goes. While you likely have a good handle on it already, but you may still have things to learn. During the MercSec process, we stay engaged. Not because you can’t handle yourself, but rather we have done it all so many times we have a meta view. Each step of the process you will be supported and prepared, and your consultant will be available whenever you need them. 3:00am is likely pushing the friendship, but it has happened before.